What if…what if we all stopped being so damned scared?

Just suppose for a moment, just entertain the idea, that we as humans stopped being so scared? In a glimpse of a split second don’t you feel it? Think about it deeply. Hold onto the thought. As an absence of fear, I personally feel peace. It is wonderful–for a moment. Then all the what ifs…

Goiter-A lesson in expression

I have a thyroid nodule. Yes, a goiter. One of those words you hear as a child. Not knowing the definition or even context of it’s use…just that it’s not for a child’s auditory consumption. I’ve heard the word in conversation, but it’s always used in reference to ‘old’ people. I don’t consider myself old….

Misery-Is it only a state of mind? Reckless manifestation?

Of course I’m no mental health professional. I’m not claiming to be so. I’m talking about misery that does not interfere with life’s functioning. Now most of you know someone who cannot or could not function for the misery they feel or felt. So for definition and clarity’s purposes here: I am talking about functional,…

Archimedes… The cat with a past.

Everything I needed to know about life-my cat taught me. Yea. A $25 rescue cat, Archimedes. If you ever watch your cat awake or asleep, you’ll know what I’m talking about. When awake, he resists nothing. He is alert and ready to take in the world. Nothing shakes him or gets his blood pressure up….

Infinity as a life goal?

Isn’t infinity for the faithful? I’m starting to wonder if it isn’t for the faithless. I’m on a journey thru a life only partially lived, and timelessness isn’t an issue. In fact, eternity is the only place in my life where I am making consistent progress. Faith is less of a concern. Curiosity allows me…